Bees Are Social By Nature

Transcribed thoughts and experiences about computer programming.


Hello, my name is Kenneth Riggio.  I was introduced to my first computer, a TRS-80 Model III, in 1986 and have been a recreational computer programmer ever since.  Playing Zork and reading Family Computing Magazines inspired me to write my first program in Basic.  With the advent of the Commodore 64, I introduced myself to assembly in an attempt to make the most of what limited power I had.  Using BBSs on 300 baud, and eventually 2400 baud, modems introduced me to a larger world of computer programmers.  An education in Pascal, C, and C++ were soon to follow, and before long I started my first job as a computer programmer, implementing inventory control and point of sale systems for small businesses, using C, x86 Assembly, and dBase.  Time seemed to pass quickly and a variety of computer programming jobs introduced me to all kinds of different technologies.  Of all the languages I have learned thus far, Java has a special home in my heart.

My career as a professional programmer has led me through many fascinating experiences.  I won’t bother reciting my resume here, to save you all from boredom.  However, my career allowed me to learn several languages, frameworks, APIs, and platforms, including C++ on Linux and Windows (MFC, COM, etc.) and Java.  I am currently the Director of ClearMedia Engineering at Clearwire, Inc.

My other passions include listening to music, preferably something in the Metal genre, training in some form of martial art or combat sport (currently learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), playing video games, pen & paper role playing games, and Warhammer 40K.  I also play the guitar and sing, but I am poor at both.


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